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    Superspecialized Ophthalmology Unit of Central City Clinic
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  • The most advanced eye clinic

    Superspecialized Ophthalmology Unit of Central City Clinic
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Welcome to the Central City Clinic website

The specialized ophthalmology center of Chashkhaneh is affiliated with the city's central clinic and its mission is specialized examinations, tests and photography of the eyes, as well as performing LASIK.

با ما در تماس باشید

تلفن گویا: ۴۳۰۸۳-۰۲۱

کلینیک های چشم

Eye clinics

Conducting consultation examination and pre-operative guidance

Eye Clinic No. 1 (Central Branch Ophthalmology)

Eye Clinic No. 2 (Trita Hospital Eye Clinic)

پاراکلینیک چشم

Eye paraclinic

All eye imaging such as angiography, OCT, etc.


بیماری ها و جراحی های چشم

Eye diseases and surgeries

Performing all eye surgeries such as: LASIK, cataract, cornea transplant, vitrectomy...


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They are one of the best eye surgery centers in Iran! I had my eye LASIK done at this center and I am very satisfied. They provide great services and I'm happy with their services.

Mohammad Zohdi

Chashkhaneh Ophthalmology Clinic has patient and friendly staff. The online appointment system of the fountain has made it very easy to make an appointment. They also have a nice atmosphere. The quality of their service is also excellent. I was looking for an ophthalmology center with a reasonable price for my mother's cataract surgery. I found the eye clinic through a friend and I am very satisfied with their services.

Maryam Shokraei

This eye clinic has a very coherent system. All my work was done according to the procedure. I am very satisfied with the services provided to me in this center.

Sara Banihashemi

Their laser surgery costs are really lower than anywhere else. If you have an insurance plane, that would be great. I personally compared their prices in several places, no place was able to compete with Cheshkhaneh Ophthalmology Clinic in terms of price with this quality level of service.

Seyed Hossein Ramezani