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A home for the health of your eyes.

The specialized ophthalmology center of Chashkhaneh is affiliated with the city's central clinic and its mission is specialized examinations, tests and photography of the eyes, as well as performing LASIK.

بخش چشم تریتا
ورودی کلینیک مرکزی

کلینیک چشمخانه شماره دو

(بیمارستان تریتا)

بخش چشم پزشکی بیمارستان تریتا، وابسته به کلینیک فوق تخصصی چشمخانه و کلینیک مرکزی شهر میباشد که دارای کلینیک چشم پزشکی مجهز یه انواع تجهیزات تشخیصی و درمانی بیماری های چشم بوده و هر روز کلینیک های چشم پزشکی آن آماده ویزیت بیماران غرب تهران است.

اهم خدماتی که در این مرکز ارائه میشود عبارتند از  تصویر برداری از قرنیه، عصب بینایی، لایه های سطحی شبکیه ،(ERG-EOG-VEP) ، کنترل فشار چشم،  ثبت میدان بینایی ، اپتومتری،

عرضه لوازم کم بینایان، اتاق عمل مجهز به دستگاه کراس لینک و دستگاه اگزایمر الگراتو ( لیزیک، لازک، PRK)

همچنین بخش چشم وابسته به کلینیک مرکزی دارای 6 اتاق عمل مجهز به آخرین دستگاه های مدرن برای اعمال جراحی چشم می باشد.

Clinic Markazi Shahr

The Central City Clinic was established in 2001 by a group of specialized physicians and university professors. The clinic's mission is to provide advanced diagnostic and therapeutic ophthalmic, ear, nose, and throat services. Proper management, recruitment of skilled and experienced physicians, the utilization of trained and caring staff, numerous contracts with supplementary insurance and healthcare providers have led to the satisfaction of patients and their companions. The Central City Clinic is dedicated to continuous improvement in service quality and has equipped the clinic with state-of-the-art eye surgery devices and facilities.

In the field of ear, nose, and throat (ENT) and rhinoplasty, this clinic is equipped with fully equipped operating rooms featuring the latest sinuscopy and endoscopy devices, as well as surgical lasers for ear, throat, and nasal surgeries. The popularity among physicians and patients has resulted in over 170,000 surgeries being performed in this center over the past 15 years, achieving the best results with minimal complications.

Cheshkhaneh Clinic

This center was inaugurated in June 2016, featuring a modern and newly constructed building, in response to the increasing demand from patients for specialized and subspecialized eye care services. The key services provided at this center include angiography, corneal imaging, neuro-ophthalmology, superficial retinal layers imaging (ERG-EOG-VEP), intraocular pressure monitoring, visual field recording, optometry, supply of low vision aids, and equipped operating rooms with devices like cross-linking, phemtoscan, LASIK, LASEK, and PRK.

 Furthermore, specialized eye clinics in subspecialties such as retina, cornea, glaucoma, cataract surgery, plastic surgery of the eye, neuro-ophthalmology, and more are also available.

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